Clearscapes was formed in 1981 out of a collaboration between an architect and an artist, around the shared idea that architecture should be a functional work of art that serves to engage and inspire its users and their community. This simple premise of inspiration, collaboration, and community is the basis of our firm.

We are a firm of architects and artists - since our inception, we have merged the practice of architecture and art to inspire new ways of seeing and thinking about each. Our favorite projects are the ones in which it is not clear where the architecture ends and the art begins. Our architects can be found in our shop testing ideas for our projects, for themselves, or simply helping out and our artists can be found in our studio collaborating on our building designs.

We are a firm of collaborators - we are in constant collaboration with our clients, our consultants, our communities, and with ourselves. The stories of our projects are the stories of our clients and our communities; and our coworkers are empowered to share equally in the privilege and responsibility of making these stories real.

We are a firm of citizen activists - as proponents of community-based architecture, we believe it is the responsibility of individuals to engage the broader community for the common good. Our coworkers can be found serving on city commissions and local, state, or national non-profit boards providing outreach with many local institutions, leading in professional organizations, serving as critics or lecturers

in education, or participating in other grassroots initiatives.

We are structured differently than traditional architecture firms - our principals are intimately involved with every project and each team member participates fully in the project design and delivery from initial concept design through project closeout. Our comprehensive collaborative approach extends to the entire design team, our client, and the community.